Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Red Hot Christmas Paris by C.J. Fallowfield

A Red Hot Christmas - Paris
Two couples, Lulu and Luc Le Grand and their firm friends, Coco Barrella and Hunter Donovan, head to Paris for a romantic getaway at The Domville Hotel. Looking forward to good company, great food, and some steamy seasonal shenanigans away from the pressures of work, the last thing they expect is to be stranded there on Christmas Eve.

Will the calm marital waters of the seemingly perfect Le Grand’s relationship become choppy when they risk not making it home to their children for Christmas Day?

And will “love to hate each other” couple Coco and Hunter grow closer in the city of love, or will they be pulled apart by the unintentional reminder of their failings as they compare themselves to their married friends?

Featuring couples from C.J. Fallowfield's bestselling humorous erotic romance books The Temptress & All That Glisters, this festive erotic romance novella can be read as a standalone. It contains scenes towards the end of their stories, that weren’t included in their novels. While not essential to have read either novel, for the best reading experience they should be read in the order of The Temptress, All That Glisters, then this novella. It also contains adult material and is strictly for the over 18’s only. It’s sure to turn your cold and wet December into a positively scorching hot, but still wet, one!

Two hot and sexy couples going to Paris for Christmas! Le Sigh! I loved Lulu and Luc Le Grand in the Temptress! One of my fav reads! Seeing more of them married, with kids and then getting a little alone time together…. “Le Grand Style.” The love they have for their children is only second to their love for each other. A beautiful couple and a beautiful addition to their story, which includes some super hot and steamy scenes.

I didn’t have the pleasure of reading Coco and Hunter’s story in All That Glisters, but I could tell that they struggled to get to the happiness that they currently have. While Coco is ready to take it to the next level, she doesn’t want to push Hunter, but at the same time, she’s trying not to freak out. Hunter wants to give Coco everything, but he is still struggling with internal issues. The weekend away with the Le Grand’s is really helpful for him personally and them as a couple. While I did like their characters, their constant bickering was exhausting. So glad Hunter and Coco get all wired up from arguing, because it makes for some awesome, hot sex!

CJ Fallowfield is one of my fav authors. Her writing is smooth and the stories flow effortlessly. This is another great addition to her collection.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What Might Kill Us (The Devil's Dust #5) ~ M.N. Forgy

 Brotherhood is what Bull bleeds and all that he knows.
Being the king of The Devil’s Dust and surrounded by easy women was his everyday… until having his heart broke rooted him to the bottom of a whiskey bottle.
Heartbroken, and drowning in lost memories he’s unsure of the direction of his life, when the answer – consisting of a terrified Mexican girl- nearly knocks him off his feet.
Determined to get his act together and rectify his club, he rides to Texas for answers, only to be confronted with the emotional ghosts he isn’t ready to deal with.
He sees Anahi, and he wants her.
But she may come with more baggage than Bull is ready for.

Anahi used to be prim and proper. She used to wear dresses and keep up appearances to impress people she didn’t know. I guess you could say she was a fucking lady.
But that was when she lived in Mexico with her parents.
Before her uncle turned on her.
Before, the only man she ever loved, her step-brother, betrayed her.
Before she was forced to be a drug mule for the Cartel.
Evening gowns a lost memory, expensive heels traded for boots, and a nine millimeter in her hand instead of a limited edition purse. Anahi sets aside everything she’s ever known including the fairytale stories her mother told her about America.
She’s angry, determined, and looking for a way out. 

When a new M.N Forgy books comes out, you just have to get it. Believe it or not, I was hooked on one of her other books before I even knew about the Devil’s Dust series. When I met her in West Virginia about a year ago and learned of these awesome biker books, I was super stoked! I love MC books and I love M.N.’s writing. Win/Win for me!

Bull and Anahi…Where do I start? Both were messed up from the beginning. Bull is drowning his sorrows in a bottle and Anahi is desperate to get out of the life, her uncle tells her, is in her blood. Both can’t trust each other, but both are drawn to each other more than they care to admit.

Bull loves Anahi’s spit fire attitude. She acts as if she has nothing to lose and in her mind she really doesn’t. At times she pushes the limits knowing she may pay the price, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to back down. She’s become a strong woman, with everything that was thrown at her.

Bull can’t get over the love he lost…even though, she really wasn’t his to begin with. He’s the president of the MC, but most now look at him with pity or sometimes hope that he will pull himself out of this drunken hole. Going to Texas to figure things out, puts him right in line with the newest woman to consume his thoughts and only after running in to her once.

I really liked Bull and Anahi’s story. It was gritty and suspenseful. It pulled me right in. The story flowed and I flew threw it. Another great one by M.N.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Calculated Risk ~ Rachael Duncan

I thought the ring on my finger would do the trick and keep men away. All I wanted was to save my heart from shattering--again. The truth is, I'm not married. The ring was just a ploy--a ploy to keep me safe, protected from pain.

But then Marcus Riley came along with his goofy pick-up lines, and he saw right through the facade. He knew the truth, and he wanted me. God help me, I wanted him too--in so many ways. But love is a risk, a painful, scary risk. One I'm too afraid to take.

He's the one risk worth taking.
But it just might come at a price.

I really enjoyed Calculated Risk. Rachael Duncan is a fav of mine, so I didn't even read the blurb before signing up. I wasn't sure what the premise was, but the plot twists and little suspense she threw in with Marcus and Lydia's love story, totally sucked me in. I finished the book in a few days! Her writing was smooth and the story flowed really well.

I will say Lydia’s reservations about not getting hurt again were warranted, but at times I just wanted to smack some sense in to her. All men are not the same and it bothered me a bit that she gave Marcus such a hard time at the beginning. That being said, Marcus worked for her attention and made sure she knew she was special. That sealed my approval for him.

Marcus is a smart and sexy cop. Hello! What’s not to like?! He’s definitely persistent and has a great personality. I loved his quirky pick up lines. He made me giggle a few times. We could tell he was head over heels for Lydia and we could tell he was definitely not like Lydia’s ex. I saw it right away, so I was hoping it wouldn’t take Lydia so long, but I know her last relationship was a disaster.

I loved the other characters in the book too. Lydia’s friends were supportive, but at the same time had to exert some tough love. I cannot wait to see them in their own stories. 

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