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Reckless Abandon (Condemned Angels #3) ~ Heather Leigh

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**This is book 3 of the Condemned Angels MC Series***

When Nicole was faced with the recent turn of events, she learned of three siblings, which were all member of the Devils MC. She waged herself to her brother, Jax- the President of the Devils, in return for Jeremy and the Condemned Angels MC’s safety. Little did she realize that Jeremy claimed her has his Old Lady, and he was determined to get Nicole back.

In their rescue mission, the rivals, Devils MC, takes Jeremy and Hunter hostage. However, Hunter comes to find his past surfacing. Eva, legally still his wife, was now Jax’s Old Lady. The deep secret that Eva holds is the one thing that separated Hunter and her years ago. Her secret past could get her killed if Jax ever found out. Will Hunter use her secret to kill two birds with one stone? 

Will Jeremy make it out of Idaho alive and with Nicole, or will he and his MC fall before the Devils. Fall in-love with Hunter and Eva’s story while Jeremy fights for what he loves most. Who will make it out alive?

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4 Sexy, Bad Ass Biker Stars

There is a lot going on in this book! I would not recommend reading this book if you have not read the first 2 in the series. Things are coming to a head and they are about to go Nuclear!!!!!

**Spoilers Beyond this point**

The beginning of this book starts where Jeremy, Hunter and Derrick are found about to assassinate Jax, Prez of the Devil's MC and his Old Lady, which is technically Hunter's wife. We see what went wrong in their relationship and what secret Eva has kept from Hunter for years. I don't know if they'll be able to come back from this, but I sure hope they do. I want happiness for Hunter.

Nicole is forced to do some pretty nasty things by Jax (her brother and Prez of Devil's MC) and some of them are right in front of Jeremy. Jeremy is about to lose his shit on several occasions and Hunter and Derrick try to keep him cool.

Finally Chase realizes that Nicole and Jeremy have been away too long and get the Condemned Angels to mount an attack. During their rescue, Eva, Hunter and Jax are all at a standoff...... Yes another Cliffy! UGH!

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  1. Samantha!! Thank you so much for signing up for the Reckless Abandon Blog Tour! I can' t say how much i appreciate your time and feedback on the 3rd book of the Condemned Angels MC Series. I love this blog page- so so pretty! Love your review, i hate to love leaving everyone on another cliffy, but it's the only way!!! I really hope that you sign up for the next log tour! :)

    Heather Leigh

    1. You are so right! It had to be a cliffy, I'm just so sucked in to the series and the characters. I want more of them!! We will definitely be signing up for the next tour!! Xoxo


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