Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Confessions: The Princess, The Prick, and The Priest (Confessions #4) by Ella Frank

Everyone said our love wouldn’t work.
That it was too hard, too complicated, too messy.
Oh how I enjoy proving everyone wrong.
My men are smart, sexy, sophisticated—
and most of all, crazy about me.
The only problem is trying to explain
that to my big, opinionated Italian family.
But after all we’ve been through, we deserve a
happily ever after. And if there’s one
thing I know about my guys, they always
manage to have a few surprises up their sleeves.

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Start the series with Confessions: Robbie today!

GAH! I just love these guys!! I mean they have totally captured and ran away with our hearts. This was the perfect ending to their story, but I wish it would have continued forever.

Robbie, Priest and Julien just work. As unconventional as their relationship might seem, it worked for them. Robbie was bright enough to breakthrough Julien and Priest's darkness. Robbie made the trifecta what it is. 

I may not have liked Priest in the beginning when we were introduced during Logan and Tate's story, but he is just wonderful. I have totally fallen for the overprotective, bossy, alpha male that he is. He is the glue and support that holds these three together. 

Julien is the love and passion. He is the calm in the storm. He balances Robbie and Priest when they go to their extremes. 

These are just perfect for each other and I cannot say enough amazing things about this book. I want more! ::sigh::

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hate Notes by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Hate Notes final ebook cover

It all started with a mysterious blue note sewn into a wedding dress.
Something blue.
I’d gone to sell my own unworn bridal gown at a vintage clothing store. That’s when I found another bride’s “something old.”
Stitched into the lining of a fabulously feathered design was the loveliest message I’d ever read: Thank you for making all of my dreams come true.
The name embossed on the blue stationery: Reed Eastwood, obviously the most romantic man who ever lived. I also discovered he’s the most gorgeous. If only my true-love fantasies had stopped there. Because I’ve since found out something else about Mr. Starry-Eyed.
He’s arrogant, cynical, and demanding. I should know. Thanks to a twist of fate, he’s my new boss. But that’s not going to stop me from discovering the story behind his last love letter. A love letter that did not result in a happily ever after.
But that story is nothing compared to the one unfolding between us. It’s getting hotter, sweeter, and more surprising than anything I could have imagined.
Something new.
But I have no idea how this one is going to end . . .

 I loved Hate Notes. Vi and Penelope work so well together. The story flowed seamlessly and you couldn't tell there were two authors writing it. 

I love Charlotte. I love that she was a dreamer and that she made the leap to find the man from the note in the dress. I love that no matter what this jerk of a man threw at her, she held her own and was still a sweet, thoughtful person. She saw things for the bright side and work her tail off. She is a great heroine. 

I wanted to smack Reed a few times for his harsh words. He reacted first and spewed some rude comments that would often end up with his foot in his mouth. Of course he felt bad afterwards, but there was only so many sorry's that he could give. As time goes on, we realize why he became the cynical man he was. I loved watching Charlotte break down his walls and push him to realize that he needed to let people in again. 

I really enjoyed this book and read it in one day. Charlotte and Reed's story will make your heart happy. 

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