Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ricochet - Locked & Loaded ~ Heather C. Leigh

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Rick "Ricochet" Brennan served eight years as an elite Marine special ops Force Recon soldier. After an injury, and the terrible memories from that night, he retires and goes to work for his former Command Officer, Howard "Mack" McEvoy, at his training center in Atlanta.

Sanctum MMA appears on the surface to be a normal gym, training elite fighters to be the best. Except each trainer, hand-picked by Mack, possesses a special background that allows Mack to run one of the best-kept secrets in the country.

When twenty-four year old Quinn Wallace finally escapes her abusive husband, she turns to her father’s old Marine Corps buddy, Mack, for help. Broken and skittish, Quinn finds herself surrounded by large, intimidating men— men who could easily overpower her. She avoids them the best she can, but when Rick turns out to be more than just a rough fighter with bruised knuckles, she finds herself wondering if she can allow herself to trust again.

Ricochet is a full-length novel to be released as three parts.

***This book contains hot sweaty men, sexy scenes for those over 18, and uncomfortable, sometimes violent scenes.***

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Rick (Ricochet) Brennan is a sexy ex-Marine and a player. He gets his name by jumping from one woman's bed to the next. He never sleeps over and never goes after the same woman twice. Facing his own demons from his time as a Marine, he enjoys his secret ops job, which is run out the back of an MMA training gym. When he meets Quinn, there's something about her that draws him in.

Quinn (Annette Hardy) Wallace is a scared and damaged woman after her husband beat her down, physically and mentally. When encountering any male in her new home in Georgia (thanks to her father's old friend Mack), she becomes skittish and freaks out. Several times, while speaking to Rick, one minute she's having perfectly good conversation, but the next, she is cowering behind her hands and backing in to a corner. As she spends time with Rick, she does start to let her walls down.

The sexual tension is thick. Both want each other, but Rick doesn't know how to approach her to tell her he's falling for her. He's scared of his feelings. Quinn wants Rick desperately and feels safe with him, but has heard how he got his nickname. Quinn is not technically divorced from her husband and even though Rick suspects something has happened in Quinn's past, she up and leaves before he can convey his true feelings and find out any more about her emotional scars.

Yes, there is a Cliffhanger and Yes, I will be awaiting the next book in the series. I enjoyed the story line and the quick read. Actually wished this book was longer because I want to know where Quinn goes, if Rick finds her or if her Ex finds her first....

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