Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sudden Desires (Sweet Promise #1) ~ Shanora Williams


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Screw the ring. 
The good life. 
My selfish wife.
I have felt abandoned by her for years. Forgotten. 

But all of that has changed. 
I've met an incredible woman. I didn't mean for anything to happen with her. We were only supposed to be doing business together. But that sassy mouth, fine ass, and those perky tits got to me. It was a spur of the moment thing - both of us blinded by lust. 

Is it bad to crave a woman so badly that you'll do practically anything to hold onto her? Like make sweet promises that you know damn well can't be kept?

Don't be fooled. This newfound "happiness" may only be a f*cking façade, and what's worse is that I can't let it go. 
Not now. 
Probably not ever.

Why? Because there is only so much rejection a man can take before he finally just... gives into temptation.

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Holy Roller Coaster Ride….Wow. The amount of deceit, angst, drama and just plain ol’ bitchyness (Yes , it’s a word)  in this story is off the charts. 

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Let’s be real, Colette is a complete Bitch. She is rude, rotten, spiteful and just down right hateful. I felt bad for Griffin right off the bat. That being said, I’m not warm and fuzzy about how he handled his situation.

Angelina is beautiful, smart and right up Griffin’s alley. Interesting that she should show up and seduce him; of course all at the time she and her brother want to partner with Griffin. Coincidence? I think not. But again, I feel bad that Griffin is going through this disastrous relationship with his wife, so he deserves the compliments and ego boosts, right?
I mean at some point in a marriage, don’t you ask, “how did we get here?” GAH!

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I can see there is a lot more that has happened in all their pasts and while that is hinted at through the book, the real good, juicy stuff isn’t revealed until the last couple chapters. Definitely need to know more of what made Colette the way she is (I think it has to do with their child), what Griffin’s father did to Colette’s father and for Griffin to grow a pair and just get out of there!!!
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