Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lennox ~ Dallas Cole

"He's an outcast. A rebel--with blood on his hands. But maybe I can save us both..." 

Lennox knows he's a dead man walking. He's done his time and paid for his crimes, but the crew never forgets.

Elena Drazic was raised with grease under her nails. She's no stranger to the ride or die mentality. So when Lennox arrives back in town after an accident that tore her crew apart, she knows nothing good can come from his freedom. 

But she can't forget how he makes her feel. And when she's with him, she can't remember why she's supposed to stay away.

This is a great debut novel for Dallas Cole. I was intrigued by the blurb, I mean a girl who can fix up cars and a boy who’s a” dead man walking”…. I had to know what happened.

Elena has been in love with Lennox since she was a kid. She would be around him at the shop and he would be her shoulder to cry on. Lennox was her constant, until tragedy struck them and destroyed the only family she had left, their crew.

Lennox messed up. He did something unforgivable and paid the price for it. Being in jail for three years, barely sleeping because you have to be sure you’re not going to be killed in your sleep, can change a person. But, Lennox didn’t change. While in jail, he still tried to do the right thing. (Which he also used to do, which made what happened in that accident so much harder for Elena to understand) He stood up for a jail mate and that forged a bonded, a favor, that he had to call upon when he got out of jail. Maybe not the best idea, considering who the family was who he had to ask for help, but no one else would give him the time of day, except Elena.

Elena rocks. She’s beautiful, smart and can build some kick a$$ race cars. While she’s in a relationship with Nash when we meet her, we quickly learn that he’s not her true love. She tries to take care of Nash and work on their relationship when Lennox gets out of jail, but Nash quickly blows any chance he may have had with her. Nash is consumed by the tragedy that struck their team 3 years ago and completely casts Elena and her feelings aside. She is trying to find her own way, her own path and it seems Lennox is the only one that supports her in that desire.

Elena and Lennox are meant for each other and I rooted for them the whole book. It was a really good, quick read. I couldn’t put it down, especially during the plot twists and when certain people’s true colors show. Even through all the drama and chaos around them, Elena and Lennox are able to stay true to themselves and each other. You will have to read to see if they are able to end up together. No spoilers here. 

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