Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Little Bit Like Love ~ Brooke Blaine

What if you had everything in the world you wanted…except the man you’d left behind?
Jackson Davenport, the charismatic, strait-laced heir to the Davenport fortune, has a secret. One he’s been hiding since he graduated from South Haven all-boys academy—and that secret’s name is Lucas.
When a work trip takes Jackson back to his old stomping grounds, memories of the year he shared with Lucas come crashing to the surface. With growing pressure from his father to settle down and take over the family business, Jackson knows he’s on borrowed time, and sets out to find the free-spirited daredevil he once knew.
But Lucas isn’t the same man he was eight years ago.
One night. A shattered heart. And an endless parade of nameless faces. Lucas Sullivan is South Haven’s ultimate playboy, a reputation he’s honed since the only boy he ever loved left without a trace. To the world, he’s brash and confident, an in-demand artist who spends his days designing one-of-a-kind pieces and his nights as king of the downtown scene.
Many have tried and failed to get past the barrier he’s carefully constructed, but it’s the shy, studious boy he once coaxed out of his shell who still haunts him.
Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was lust. Or maybe…it was a little bit like love.

I absolutely LOVE Lucas and Jackson! I could not get enough of them and their story. Victims of a homophobic father and an almost practically arranged marriage, Lucas and Jackson look to be doomed from the beginning. But that doesn't stop the love these to find for each other.

Pressure from your family to carry on the name and/or the business is heavy enough. Couple that in with some family tragedies and your destiny is written. There's nothing else you can do to break away right. It's scary and unknown. Going to back to what you always knew is easy and expected. But, just once, you want to live for you. You want to live and be happy. I wanted this so badly for Jackson. Lucas was his happy place, even if he didn't realize how much Lucas meant to him at first. 

Lucas's broken heart spoke to me. His own family tragedies hit me on a personal level and his loneliness was palpable. Of course, the stubborn man would tell you he wasn't lonely. He'd even convinced himself he was happy....That is until Jackson shows back up. He's completely thrown on his a*$. 

I loved these characters and their friends. I was completely sucked in from page one and I read this book in two days. What I enjoyed the most is that there wasn't a conflict of a label. They didn't have to be gay, straight or bi. Even though they were asked, the boys didn't have to battle with their emotions on their sexuality. Who they loved is who they loved. Their drama was due to outsiders, not who they chose to love. I felt that was just...EVERYTHING!


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