Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Up in Smoke: A King Series Novel ~ TM Frazier

I’m a man without a conscience. 
I deal in murder and mayhem.
I’m the best at what I do. 
Frankie Helburn is supposed to be an easy job. 
A means to flush her father out of hiding.
Except there isn’t anything simple about Frankie or the secrets she’s keeping. 
She’s stubborn as hell and the sexiest god damn thing I have ever seen, sending dark, dirty animalistic desire coursing through my veins. 
She’s cocaine with legs. A f*cking addiction that makes me question things I’ve never questioned before. Want things I’ve never wanted before. 
I might have her, but she isn’t mine to keep. 
If her father doesn’t show his face, she will be mine. 

 I was super excited to read about Smoke. How he left in "All the Rage" had me asking, what happened to him? Don't get me wrong. I get why he left, but I still wanted to know about him. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with .

Smoke is ruthless and lawless. She is the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to getting his revenge. Frankie was something he never saw coming. Smoke's sole focus was to find the person who wronged him. The one that took from him. Using Frankie to get to Frank was supposed to be easy. This book shows, with a strong and smart woman, it's definitely not easy. 

I love how smart and defiant Frankie is. She stands toe to toe with Smoke. She's not afraid of him. Well, she is, but she's not going to show him. While she's trying to hate Smoke, she can't deny the electric current that sparks between them. Her mind says "no," but her body says "hell yes!" 

These two are electric together. They are both stubborn and hard headed, which makes for some fun adventures. The angst building up to where Frankie's father is and the lies leading up to that point are nerve wracking. The end result is bloody, explosive and glorious. 

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