Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Allure (Brooklet Dreams #1) ~ C.A. Harms

She was supposed to be his forever.
At the age of twelve, they were best friends. 
By the time they were sixteen, they were more. 
Rhett only had eyes for one girl. His girl.
They had even made plans for a life together.
But when she left town, she let those dreams go...

Different life paths only led to broken promises.

Rhett spent his days existing. 
Baseball, classes, and working at the family farm became his life. 

Until Allison Jo.
The quiet and beautiful girl he never expected.
She made him laugh, and slowly, brought the old Rhett back to life.
He was happy.

He became her world. 
She was his everything.

But what happens when Rhett’s past returns?

Everything changes and limits are tested, but one thing is certain...
Rhett Jackson will fight for the woman he loves.

CA Harms is one of my "go-to" favorite writers. Allure just further solidifies that. She's able to write enough angst to keep you on the edge of your seat with enough love to heal a broken heart. 

I really enjoyed Rhett and AJ together. I'm glad that Rhett finally pulled his head out of his butt to give her a chance. The fact that AJ didn't give in to his advances right away, made me proud. She wanted to be sure it was her that Rhett wanted. As their relationship progressed, there was no doubt that AJ had quickly become Rhett's everything. 

Rhett was so stubborn, pining after a girl that left him, I wasn't sure if he would be able to give himself to AJ fully. I'm glad I was wrong. He loves AJ fiercely. Their chemistry is explosive and their hearts beat for each other. When Rhett's past comes back to haunt them, I just wanted to shove her back in to the hole she crawled out of. 

While people make mistakes or try to be thoughtful of others, sometimes the best intentions can still hurt or come across wrong. Rhett had a good heart. And it only beats for one girl. They way he fights for that girl, made my heart melt. This was a great story to start off this series. 

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