Sunday, December 13, 2015

Undeniable (The Key West Series #4) ~ C.A. Harms

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Sometimes in life you are forced to do things you may not agree with. 

Family meant everything to Jude Calvert. 

He would do whatever it took to keep them safe and provide for them no matter what it took to make that happen. 

Even if that meant putting his own safety at risk, he had no other choice. 

Callie Raine has always felt a heavy attraction toward Jude. 

He was fascinating. 

He was undeniable. 

She knew there was so much more to him than he allowed anyone to see. But she was a headstrong woman and feeling weak was something she wouldn’t allow. 

Except when it came to Jude. 

However, when Jude is hit with the unexpected and forced to rely on others, Callie realizes he doesn’t take weakness easily. 

He becomes even more withdrawn. 

More angry. 

Will he finally give in and learn to lean on those who care? 

Or will he push them beyond the point of no return and once again be left to face his obstacles alone?
Jude…Broody, moody, rude Jude. He’s hot, sexy and a complete ass. But once I realize what he’s dealing with and what he has been dealing with at home, it make total sense. He tries to keep everyone away because he does not want them to feel obligated to help him.

Callie has been crazy about Jude for a very long time. Working together at the restaurant, she experiences the mood swings and short answers Jude doles out so no one really gets to know him. As infuriating as he is, she still wants him. Callie has a huge heart and when she learns of how much help he need, she drops everything to provider for his sick sister and her two kids.

Callie is easy to love and Jude’s sister, niece and nephew immediately fall for her. Despite knowing Jude will be angry with her and give her attitude, she doesn’t leave his house and continues to care for his family, refusing anyone who comes to try to relieve her. Jude finally lets his walls come down and he is just…Wow. He’s a completely different person. The kind and gentle words he says to Callie surprise her, as well as me.

Jude’s a great man, who did whatever he could to support his family. When his friends make it impossible for him not to open up and let down his walls, he becomes the man we only see glimpses of in the beginning of the story. He’s sweet, caring and he has a huge heart. One that he can share with Callie.

I love this series and all of C.A. Harms’ work. Undeniable is a great addition! 

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