Monday, September 12, 2016

Junkie (Broken Doll Book 1) ~ Heather C. Leigh

I'm a heroin addict. A junkie. A whore. I'll do anything to get my next fix.


Including walking right onto the property of Austin's most ruthless and feared drug lord to beg for some H. I don't know his name, only that people call him Boss. Oh, and that he won't think twice to put a bullet in my head.

But like I said, I'll do anything to get my next fix. Even if it costs me my life.

Or changes it forever. 

I’m a huge Heather C. Leigh fan, so when I saw that she was writing a dark romance (one of my fav, if not my fav type) I jumped at the chance. Junkie is gritty, raw, dark, sexy and suspenseful. To say you need to read this in an understatement.

Miri is the junkie. She will do anything for her next fix and I mean anything. There are some disgusting things that she is forced to do and it just shows the pull the H has on her. But she wasn’t always like this. When she is somewhat “normal” after her does is injected, we see the little spit fire she used to be. I loved her firey attitude, but it bothered me to see how much self loathing there was. I definitely think Heather nails the up and downs when it comes to addiction. Miri is all over the place at times and we see a glimpse of the struggles that addicts have. Her poor excuse for a boyfriend (term I use very loosely here) offers her a place to crash after she runs into some hard times and gets her addicted. He uses her and now her level of self deprecation is so high, she thinks every person wants to use her; that’s she is nothing or nobody. Boss man is actually the first person to look at her like she is worth something in a long, long time.

Boss, or Boss man, is a ruthless and scary drug lord. He’s hard core and doesn’t take shit from anyone. That is until Miri stumbles her way on to his property looking for a score. She reminds him of those he let down in his past. She’s become weak and someone that everyone takes advantage of. While he can she what a beautiful woman she once was, Boss is disgusted by the dirt and grime she has accumulated from this addiction. He can either kill her or help her. She could become his biggest weakness or he could use her to help his cause to stay at the top of the drug food chain.

I love the dynamic between the two characters.  

Boss is sexy, strong and a complete bad ass. How could there not be sparks!?! 
Their sexual tension is off the charts, but at first Miri doesn’t realize it because she is so down on herself.  Granted, there have been a few things said by Boss that has made her think this way as well, but it was out of context and not the way he meant them to be heard. Boss’s inner monologues definitely give us a bigger insight to why he is the way he is and what his true feelings for Miri are.

Boss doesn’t love himself either. He still beats himself up for the past he has had and the H he continues to deal. While making a ton of money, this is also the drug that destroyed his family’s lives. His mood swings, his internal battles, all stem from those he could help and from the strong feelings he has for Miri, which he tries to deny.

Boss’s right hand man, Milo, drives me crazy. I think there was a couple times I wanted to staple his mouth shut because he is a disrespectful ass. He needs to remember his place in the organization and leave Miri alone.

The action, angst, sexual tension and dark path that these two are taking together had me devouring their story. I couldn’t get enough. To be honest, I stalked Heather to see when we would get the next book, Jagger. So excited to read the rest of this dark duet!

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