Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bare (Raw #2) (The Vault Series) ~ C.A. Harms

He was my weakness.

The one desire I fought the hardest, but craved the most.
There was an unexplainable pull whenever I was near him.
I was addicted to him. I was crazed by his touch. I longed for his kiss.

Until he broke me...

He was cold and callus.
What we shared was nothing but meaningless acts.
A facade. I was a ploy in his game of control.

I had no choice but to move forward.
I had to forget the impact he had on me.
More importantly, I had to forget him.
Only that was easier said than done…

Each night when I closed my eyes,
I’d hear the kind words he’d whisper, I’d feel his gentle caress as he held me close.
But the dreams always ended the same.
I would see him walking away, without looking back.

She tested my limits from the start.

The more I fought the attraction, the more intense it became.
She defied every rule I set for myself and challenged my need for control.
She made me want the things I had denied myself for too long,
so I did the worst possible thing.

I broke her heart.

What should have been my way out only left me feeling bare.
My desire to have her magnified.
It was time to pick up the shattered pieces of my life and face the harsh reality of my choices.

But my biggest fear of all was that with Brynn, it was now too late to go back...

Totally and Completely gut wrenching. This story has so much angst that my stomach was in knots. I was furious with Alec for most of the books, but I couldn't help but still cheer for him. Byrnn is such a strong, independent woman, I just loved her. Their coming together was messy, angsty and beautiful all at the same time. 

I love the writing of this book and the flashbacks are easy to follow. This book gives more of a first-person view of everything that happened in Brynn and Alec's past. you can feel their strength and devastation in these pages. While I understand why these characters are the way they are, some of their knee jerk reactions just crushed my heart. 

I was not expecting the emotional roller coaster I went while reading these. I had to stay up late to finish the book before I could go to sleep. It was almost too many "screw-ups" and "I'm sorry's" for me. I was that heartbroken. CA does a great job of healing the crushed heart, but whew, it was an emotional read. 

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