Thursday, April 9, 2015

Unpredictable (The Key West Series Book 1) ~ C.A. Harms

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Have you ever wished for a moment that you could pretend to live the life of someone else? Escape the harsh reality that your own is anything but perfect?

Quinn Tucker had always been forced to put her own needs last.

With an absent father and a mother who drowns herself daily in a bottle of Rum, there was no other option.

Jett Jameson was the distraction Quinn needed, even if it was just for one night.

A void filler, and a chance for a moment to allow herself to feel something other than emptiness.

He wasn’t what she expected.


Her life didn’t have room for a man like Jett.


But now it was too late, there was no turning back.


Nothing would ever be the same…

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This was the first C.A. Harms book I read and I loved it!!!! Quinn is such a kick ass woman, but has to put herself last. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father "abandoned" them before Quinn was born. Instead of being able to go to school or go out with her friends, Quinn is forced to get home right away in the event her mother stumbles into the house or gets arrested.

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Jett doesn't want or need a distraction. He's married to his restaurant and rightly so. He didn't take his father's handout and built the business up himself. Meeting Quinn at a random party that he didn't even want to be at was the best thing to happen....for both of them.

Secrets start to unfold as Quinn breaks and tells her mother she's tired of being the adult. Truths about her father and where he's been the past 25 years place a strain on the already fragile relationship between Quinn and her mother. Jett, one of the best men I've read about, continues to be there for Quinn, even when she tries her hardest to push him away.

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Get the tissues ready, because when Quinn's father comes back, they receive some sad news that causes Quinn to fall....But Jett will be there to pick her up, always.

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