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Rage: Fire and Steel Motorcycle Club Romance (Fire and Steel MC #1) ~ Kaylee Song

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Death. That's all Fire and Steel M.C. brings Layla. A trail of death and destruction that leave her completely ravaged. She moved a thousand miles to escape the brutality and vengeance of the club, but she was forged in the club and never as free as she believed...

When her brother is murdered death brings her right back into the clutches of the M.C. and under the watchful of Cullen "Rage" McFadden, her first love.

Can she resist the temptation he represents, or will he drag her down into his world one more time?

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Layla has to come home to Pittsburgh and its under the saddest of circumstances. Her brother, Beast, has been killed and she is returning for his funeral. While there and grieving, she is told by the MC's new Prez, Bones (because her father was also killed, while serving as Prez, no less), her Uncle Mick and Cullen (Rage) that she is not leaving. Even if it's not the place where she wants to be, its the only place she wants to be.

Rage wants one thing, Revenge. His best friend, his brother-in-arms has been killed and he wants blood. As thoughtful and methodical as Cullen is, he has this Rage, Anger, and Demon inside him, ready to avenge Beast's death. His guilt, his promise and his love for Layla makes him want to keep her safe, but she is his biggest distraction.

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Layla and Rage are electric. You can feel their sexual tension in the first instant they are in the same room. These two never fell out of love for each other, but they both had to work through their own fear and resentment to get back to each other. Layla hates the club for what happened to her father, mother and now her brother. Yet, the club is in her blood and it is all she has....besides Rage.

Props to Kaylee Song, who was able to write a strong female character that stood up to the scariest of men. Also, for writing about a man who in no way could be considered romantic, yet was super sweet in certain scenes. You knew Rage loved every part of Layla.

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The whole time reading, I knew something was up with the new Prez, Bones. I just had a funny feeling about him. Beast (Layla's brother Sean) felt something too, but Layla and the rest of the club realize it too late.
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