Friday, August 14, 2015

Fates Warrior (The Fate Series #3) ~ Screaming Mimi

Former Army Ranger Martin Damien has only ever been able to trust his battle buddies, everyone else has failed him. From his parents who sold him for drugs to the foster care system that didn’t protect him to the women who used him, they have failed him. 

Even after Alexis’s prince charming turned out to be a toad in tin foil she still believes in happily ever after she just has to convince Martin it’s possible. She’s stubborn, full of spirit, and willing to do whatever it takes to win the battle for his heart. When the past comes back to haunt her Martin is willing to do whatever it takes to protect, even if that means his own life. 
Will her Warrior fight fate or will he submit to it? 

3 Warrior Stars

Lexi and Martin have both had their share of troubled pasts. Lexi is sexy, strong and smart, but also vulnerable due to her ex. This stirs Martin’s protective instincts. Unfortunately, Martin’s not very good at biting his tongue and often says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Lexi’s ex “shared” her with other men and one of them has come back to claim her. While Martin tries to protect her, this mystery man takes Martin and tries to use him as leverage against Alexis. In the midst of recovery, Martin asks a stupid question, while trying to be concerned with Alexis’s safety, but comes off like he thinks differently of her. Their miscommunication was frustrating. You could see they both loved each other. Just want these two to talk it out and be together already. LOL 

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