Thursday, April 21, 2016

Game ~ London Casey and Ana Fawkes

To save her life, I had to win the fight. To keep her alive, I'll have to get her pregnant. The second I see Shayna, I know she doesn’t deserve to be mixed up in this world. Innocent, beautiful... being used as a prize. She’s looking for answers in all the wrong places and I have to get her out of there. So I do what I do best: I fight and I win. When I take my prize home, my boss is waiting for me and gives me an ultimatum: get Shayna pregnant. If I don't, we both die. If I do it, he's going to snatch the baby away to replace his own lost grandchild. We aren’t supposed to fall for each other...but our time together becomes something more powerful than I could ever imagine. And when Shayna tells me she’s pregnant, I know one thing for sure… no one's taking our child away.
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ARC Received in Exchange for an Honest Review. 
While I enjoyed the characters, the plot line was a little difficult for me to hold on to. The idea that there are these two Mafioso types that are at war, so one takes his prized underground fighter and demands that he knocks up a woman who he thinks is connected to his enemy. While the Boss was a little off due to a recent loss of his own, the reasoning fell a little short for me.
That being said, Finn and Shayna have so hot, sparking chemistry. I mean it is insta-lust from the moment their eyes meet. The sex scenes definitely get you hot and as long as you’re not thinking of why they have to get it on, you can really enjoy their romps.

I love me a good fighter and Finn proves to be one time and again. He’s extremely loyal and that hurts his and Shayna’s connection for a bit, due to tragedy in his past. His best friend, Cormac is another sexy man with fierce loyalty and while he is “clean”, he would do anything for his brother. That Irish accent is sexy as hell too!

Shayna was in a bad situation due to her past which led her to the underground.  In the time she’s saving Finn, she holds a gun to him and we can tell she’s putting on a brave face, but she ends up making matters worse. All hell breaks loose and they have to get away from the underground fight and Finn's Boss's enemy, Zander. 

The writing of the story is good, but the plot just left me wishing for more. I liked the characters, the action and sex scenes. Overall, the story was written well and was a quick read. 

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