Thursday, June 9, 2016

All the Rage ~ T.M. Frazier

They call me Rage.
My real name is like a shadow, always close behind, but never quite able to catch up.

I fly under the radar because no one ever suspects I’m capable of the kind of brutal violence I commit each and every day.

You see, I’m a girl. I’m nineteen.

And I'm a killer.

This life is all I know. It’s all I want to know. It keeps the s**t buried that I need kept buried. It allows me to live without thinking too much.

Without dwelling on the past.

Until him.
It all changes when an ordinary boy becomes my next target.
And my first love.
I have to choose.
The only life I’ve ever known has to die, or he does.
Either way, I’ll be the one pulling the trigger...

All the Rage is a STANDALONE.

So I have to say, I am partial to King and Bear, but I do love me some Goon!!! Yes, All the Rage can be read as a standalone, but I liked the King and Bear references. I love these two characters that T.M. has created. Yes, we get to see a part of Rage in Lawless and Soulless, but Nolan is new and super sexy.

Rage is a bad ass chick! She’s unique and hard core, yet super hot! No one ever knows what hits them. She had a really hard time dealing with her “anger issues” when she was younger, so she was thought of as odd and different. While learning how to disguise it, she still had it bubbling inside her.

Nolan, the sexy “ex-hockey” player we meet has a broken leg and broken spirit. He’s angry at the world, but after a near death experience, he’s re-thinking his approach. A gorgeous blonde with bright blue eyes has kind of influenced some more positive thinking (wink wink).

Rage and Nolan are super hot and scary in their own ways. While they may not know each other’s secrets at first, they both feel this connection….this pull that they can’t ignore. While Nolan may understand it more, Rage realizes that Nolan is the first man she ever really “felt” something for…and that scares the shit out of her. 

T.M. wrote another fabulous book that I couldn’t put down. There was one scene where I was like, no that's not going to happen and then I was like, Uh, WTF?! There were some twists in there too that I was not expecting!!

 photo 10011188_zps6wkhdsvr.gif

I loved Rage and Nolan, but they couldn’t overcome my love for King. T.M.’s writing is well thought out, suspenseful and it pulls you right in to the story. She is definitely one of my favs!

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