Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dawn of Eve (Trilogy of Eve #3) ~ Pam Godwin

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Daughter of Eve. Leader of the Resistance. Mankind’s savior. Dawn is supposed to be the ultimate weapon against the bloodthirsty hybrids that control the desolate planet.

But she didn’t inherit superhuman speed or virus-curing blood.

She’s just a human.

The pursuit to unlock her power lures her into a venomous trap, where silver eyes seduce, fangs incite pleasure, and love and devastation wear the same handsome face. He’s her deepest desire, greatest enemy, and the key she’s been searching for.

With humanity balancing on an arrow’s edge, she must win his heart or destroy it.

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When I first picked up this series to read, I couldn’t put it down. It gripped me from the first few chapters. Pam’s writing is smooth and easy to follow. Even with flash backs, it’s easy to pick up where the characters are and what is happening. Absolutely loved this series and Dawn of Eve is a great conclusion.

Dawn of Eve is all about Dawn. She’s beautiful, smart and trained to fight. She is a lethal weapon, but only human. If you were hoping to see more of the gorgeous sexy guardians, well you’re in luck, because they are in here, but the spotlight is on Dawn. Well Dawn and her way to save mankind. Salem is one hot, lethal, sexy man that I wanted to pound one minute and then pound him with my fists the next. Dawn can feel that Salem is the connection to what she has to do to save the world, she just can’t figure out what she has to do.

There are lots of emotions running through this book. Happiness, deceit, hurt, love, triumph and defeat. I felt like I was on a constant roller coaster. Pam makes you fall in love with these characters and when they screw up, you feel completely devastated and disappointed with them. At the same time, when Dawn matures and learns what she has to do to save everyone, you feel nothing but pride.

There’s blood, gore, fighting, sex, mystery, angst and turmoil all through this story. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. I found myself wanting to hurry up to finish the book to see what happens, but also wanting to savor it because I knew it was the last of the series. I could have read more about these characters, but alas, all good things must come to an end. A very emotional, uplifting, excruciating, powerful ending. 
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