Monday, October 9, 2017

Monster (A Prisoned Spinoff Duet Book 2) ~ Marni Mann

“Because I came from you, does that mean I’m capable of killing? That I’ll be addicted to blood? That I’ll get off on torturing people?”

The kid had questions.
I didn’t blame him.
He’d only heard one side, and it wasn’t mine.

“Why did you hate my mother?”

Now, that was a story worth telling.
But, to do that, I had to bring the kid back to the very beginning. 
When the killing and the blood and the torture had all started.
When I was truly happy.
When I was first called a Monster.

Monster is a follow-up to Animal. Animal must be read first.

 Dark and Twisted is exactly what this story is. But it is also gripping, suspenseful and crazy, in a good way.  This is definitely a great follow up to Animal and I agree that you have to read Animal first. 

This characters are messed up. All of them. Getting in to their minds and figuring out who is who is all part of the draw. The story sucks you right in and you have to find out what happens next. I have a lot of questions and they were all answered at the end. I guess I just wanted more. 

Shank is one self-centered, messed up man. His raw and brutal honesty is painful at times, but also necessary to get a feel for who this man is. His mind is all sorts of crazy and yet, he finds himself completely rational. Its fascinating really. 

Kid is probably the most main stream, if you can call it that. His desires to learn more about Shank are understandable, but at the same time, its almost like he's a glutton for punishment. He keeps going back for more no matter how grotesque or dark the responses may be. 

I really enjoyed Shanks book, but I still want more. I want to know what happens with Kid and if he every fully figures things out. Once you read this book, you'll know exactly what I mean. Mind blown for sure!

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