Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sick Fux ~ Tillie Cole

When Ellis Earnshaw and Heathan James met as children, they couldn’t have been more different. Ellis was loud and beautiful – all blond hair, bright laughs and smiles. Heathan was dark and brooding, and obsessed with watching things die.
The pair forged an unlikely friendship, unique and strange. Until they were ripped apart by the sick cruelty of others, separated for years, both locked in a perpetual hell.
Eleven years later, Heathan is back for his girl. Back from a place from which he thought there was no return. Back to seek revenge on those who wronged them.
Time has made Heathan’s soul darker, polluted with hatred and the thirst for blood.
Time has made Ellis a shell of her former self, a little girl lost in the vastness of her pain.
As Heathan pulls Ellis out of her mental prison, reviving the essence of who she once was, down the rabbit hole they will go.
With malice in their hearts and vengeance in their veins, they will seek out the ones who hurt and destroyed them.
One at a time.
Each one more deadly than the last.
Tick Tock.

 I don't know if I have the words to fully express my love for this book. At first, I was very uncomfortable with the things going on, but then I started to feel vindicated. I don't know if that's right of me, but I cheered for Dolly and Rabbit. I embraced their darkness and absolutely loved it. 

This is Tillie's darkest book. It is not for the faint at heart. It's raw, gritty, scary and down right awesome. How can I say all that in the same sentence?? Read this book (if you dare) and you'll see.

Tillie has promoted that these characters are her favorite. I have some of my own favorites of her other novels, so to hear that, I was intrigued. She's right. 100%! These characters get under your skin. You fall in love with them and you don't even know when it happened. 

This booked rocked my world. I often stopped to wonder where the sick monster inside me came from, that relished in this Wonderland. I am in awe. Just brilliant. 

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