Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Strike (Sphere of Irony #2) ~ Heather C. Leigh

Privilege, poverty, death, and self-loathing; these are the backgrounds of the men of the internationally famous rock band, Sphere of Irony.

Dax Davies has one job to fulfill in the Davies household. Earn money at the family business. The problem is that the family business is illegal underground fighting.

From a young age, Dax and his brothers are groomed to become money earners in their father's club. Broken bones and bruises are commonplace. Their father pits the brothers against each other to 'toughen them up' for the ring. His future is in the cage, not on stage where he dreams of being.

Kate Campbell loves one thing in life. Well, two. Soccer and Dax Davies. Growing up in the poorest part of London, soccer is her personal escape from reality and the fact that Dax doesn't seem to know she exists. She figures if she can be good enough at it, maybe she can get away from Hackney, and leave the poverty behind.

Kate doesn't plan on ever getting a chance to know Dax as more than an unattainable dream. After a mutual acquaintance brings them together, it only takes one ill-fated night at the fight club tear them apart.

***This is book 2 in the Sphere of Irony Series. It can be read as a standalone. This is a spin-off of the Famous Series***

***This book is recommended for those 18+ due to language and content***

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I love Heather C. Leigh's writing. Just like Adams's story, Dax's starts in high school and follows his and Kate's life. This story follows the same timeline as Adam and Ellie's story, but the focus is all Dax and Kate!! There are flash backs as we get in further in their lives, but you always know right where you are. Heather wrote a Rock Star story, with this series, that's unlike the others I've recently read.

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Kate and Dax's story has angst, sexual tension and so much more emotion then Dax would like you to see. I understand our parents do things for reasons, but no one should have been brought up the way Dax was. I'm so happy that he was finally able to find his own way and rules. 

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PS-thank goodness that slag, Lila got hers! I wanted to beat her with my kindle!!!

I cannot wait to see what happens with the other Spear of Irony band mates!!

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