Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More Than Lies ~ N.E. Henderson

No one is perfect. 

I wish I could scream it at them, but no one will listen to me. Instead, they choose to ignore me by making me into something I’m not. I try to make them happy, but no matter how hard I try it’s not good enough. I make good grades. Hell, I was top of my class senior year, but things happen. We make sacrifices for people important to us. My parents wouldn’t understand that. Instead, they say I could be better. I’m the good girl to everyone else, but to my parents I fall short. To most I have curves, to them I’m fat. I just want them to be happy with my imperfections. You know what? I’m tired of giving and getting nothing in return. Screw them. 

The only one that I want to see me for who I really am…is him. 

Taralynn Evans has always been the good girl, forced to befriend people she cares nothing about. She tries hard to be what them and everyone else expects her to be, but what’s the point when it’s never enough to gain their approval? She’s over lying to make others happy or self-sacrificing to spare their feelings. For once, she just wants to be herself. She wants to feel human, tired of being a puppet. 

When tragedy strikes her in the worst way, she finds herself bargaining in distress, trying to find reason and rationality in what’s set before her, but will he give in when in most cases the good girl never gets the bad boy?

Ink, sex, lies, loyalty. 

Those are the things that define me, and my life. I do me. Nothing else matters. I don’t need anyone’s approval, nor do I seek it. I’m comfortable with the man I am. The only thing that haunts my dreams are those sapphire eyes that remind me of midnight. I will shut it down every single time. I can’t have her. She deserves more than what I’m after. The problem is that sometimes life is a bitch. That curveball was nowhere in sight, but now that it’s been thrown…my life may never be the same.

Shawn Braden has always been the bad boy. He’s always had the love and support of his parents no matter what he does. He knows he can have any girl he wants. Too bad he never wants them more than once. What he truly wants is the one thing he’s never admitting to, not even to himself. What happens when he starts seeing past the facade she’s put on for years and shows him the real girl that is hiding inside? Will he fall against his will, or will she become nothing more than every girl before?
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This was the first book of N.E. Henderson’s that I’ve read…… and I LOVED IT!! I could not put this down. I mean tattooed hottie secretly pinning for great girl, who he thinks he can’t have, means lots of sexual tension and plot twists.

So, Shawn Braden is said tattooed hottie, who is a love ‘em one time and leave ‘em type of guy. He’s a kickass tattoo artist, but thinks very little of himself when it comes to the beautiful and smart Taralynn. There comes a time when he needs to claim her, or risk losing her all together.

Taralynn is the good girl, goes to school, feed and cleans up after her boys and tries to do everything to get her mother to care about her. Unfortunately, nothing she does ever seem to warrant her mother’s approval and I found myself wanting to punch her mother in the face. I mean, seriously, the girl is double majoring in college and holding down 2 jobs while doing it. While going through all this, she’s wishing Shawn would just give her a chance.

When tragedy strikes, Shawn is the only one she wants to be near and Shawn finds himself falling, well I actually think he fell a long time ago, but didn’t want to admit it, for Taralynn, but thinking he’s never going to be good enough. What he doesn’t realize, is he is everything she needs and deserves. 

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