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Risk and Reward ~ Rachael Duncan

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Grass isn't always greener...


I never dreamed this would become my reality. 
But it is.
After feeling neglected and alone for far too long, I end it,
Blindsiding my husband in the process. 
He's hurt, torn, and confused, 
Never expecting me to leave.
His pain tears at my heart, begs me to stay.
And I almost do.

Moving on isn't as easy as it seems.
The memories tap at my conscience,
Reminding me of what I'm missing,
What I used to have.
But, I walked away,
From the man I promised forever,
Possibly making the worst mistake of my life.

I've let go, given myself a promise of a new life, new hope.

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Warning: Emotional Roller Coaster!

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I read Risk and Reward in one day. I loved it. Rachael tackles the hard topic of divorce and the effects that it has on both parties. While the story is in Charlotte’s view, we see what her decision does to Nate. This book also tells us what we put our significant others through. While not meaning to, many of us take advantage of what our partner in life is giving us. The comfort, companionship…’s always there so we don’t necessarily go the extra mile like we do at the beginning of a relationship. The “I Love Yous” become a regular thing and don’t have the excitement and it doesn’t cause the same flutters like they used to.

Rachael really dives in to what both characters did to cause their marriage to break up. Unfortunately, Charlotte doesn’t realize what she didn’t do to help their case until it was possibly too late. She was so determined to move on, I mean kudos to her, but her anger clouded where she could have gone wrong too.

I think Nate realizes exactly what he did wrong as soon as Charlotte utters the words “I want a divorce.” That being said, he knows his wife and knows she won’t listen to a word he says, so he sets out to prove how much she means to him. Charlotte’s stubbornness and determination pushes her to move out, get a new job and think that she is over Nate, which makes it difficult for him to complete what he needs to.

I rooted for Charlotte and Nate from the beginning. You could see from flashbacks how in love they were and all the time they shared together. The ups and downs, with the downs being really hard. The time apart from each other was emotional and dramatic. That’s why I say this is an emotional roller coaster. Hits you right in the feels.

I love Rachael’s writing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 books I have read of hers. They keep me interested and wondering what would happen next. I cannot wait for the next story in this series!! 

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