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The Legend of Arturo King (Legendary Rock Stars #1) ~ LB Dunbar

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My name is Arturo King, and I’m told I’m a legend in music. My band is called the Nights and we got our start at the underground Round Table in New York City. Raised by a foster father, I didn’t know the extent of my inheritance until I was twenty-one, and it was all more than I bargained for. I wanted to play the guitar and rule the world with song, but I learned I have a mother from old money, a dead father who was once a real estate mogul, and a record company that needed some rebuilding. 

Mure Linn, my friend and mentor, has been by my side through it all, teaching me to play, strengthening my lyrics, and guiding me in the music industry. There was one area he couldn’t guide me, though, and that was love. Guinevere DeGrance changed everything for me, I suppose, including the reason I’m here learning the legend of my life without remembering any of it.

The legendary rock star series begins…

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard this was fan fiction of the Legend of King Arthur, but LB Dunbar did a fantastic job transforming the characters in to a rock band and completely immersing them into the music business.

Arturo and Guinevere’s story is one of lust, love, happiness and tragedy. While Guinevere watched Arturo for a long time, being the daughter of the Leo Degrance, who owned the bar where The Nights got their start, Arturo doesn’t really “notice” Guinevere until one night she is in the crowd in a gorgeous floor length white dress. He is enamored with her and has to find out who she is.

When they begin start to spend time together, they both fall fast and hard. Unfortunately, Arturo has been around and has a bit of a shady past that it causes Guinevere’s jealously to flare, yet Guinevere has some secrets she hasn’t told Arturo. This was an emotional rollercoaster with some hot sex, secrets, tons of angst and one of the biggest cliffhangers I have ever read. Not for the faint at heart…..but so good.   

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