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The Truth of Tristan Lyons (Legendary Rock Star # 4) ~ LB Dunbar

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I understand why I have the nickname. Hey, what can I say? I like women. All women. It doesn’t matter what shape, size, or color. I’m even into sharing. I’ve done it all, seen it all, but I’m at an all-time low. Who wouldn’t be? My best friend is missing. My uncle’s an asshole. I don’t know who I am without The Nights. We are a band of brothers, soldiering through the world with our music. Only, our faithful leader is gone, and everyone else in the band is falling for the oldest trap: love. Love is a lie. It is painful. It is hurtful. 

I need a break. I want to be alone. I'm not prepared to share the exclusive home on the Island. I'm not prepared for her. I don’t know who she is or why she's here. She tells me to call her Ireland. I tell her my first name only. Originally, I don’t want to believe she doesn’t recognize me. Bass guitarist for The Nights, come on? After a while we both play the game. Secrets are another form of lies, aren't they? 

Our fantasy will crash to reality too soon. Secrets catch up to you. The truth has to be told. It confirms what I already know: love is a lie. 

Until her. 

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::Sign::The Heartbreaker. That man could break my heart any day::fans face::

Tristan Lyons is one emotion wreck, constantly drinking himself in to oblivion so he doesn’t have to feel. He could have any woman at the drop of a hat, but when Arturo’s absence, Guinevere’s pain, Lansing’s baby momma drama and Perkins happy nuptials get to be too much, Tristan goes to the Cayman Islands for some peace. 

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Ireland will not take Tristan’s crap. Natural beauty that she is, she doesn’t feel wanted or sexy. She feels as if she is an object for her parents to pawn off and her uncle to get his cheap thrill off of….Ewe Gross! When Ireland meets Tristan, she dumps his alcohol down the drain and demands a change. What Tristan finally realizes is that he could have hurt Ireland, like his uncle used to hurt him and he stops drinking, cold turkey.
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After the initial withdrawals, Tristan starts to hang with Ireland and they start to form a bond. Only finding out after he has started to fall for her, she is to be married to another man. (No spoiler on who that other man is, but you have to read so you can find out!!) Seriously, that still happens in this day-in-age?? Ireland’s family is in some kind of debt she doesn’t know about and all Tristan wants to do is save her, but she has to stick up for herself first.

I loved this twist on the story of Tristan from the Arthurian Legends. The pure chaos at the end of this book has me thirsting for more. ::Spoiler Alert:: Arturo’s re-appearance, Guinevere’s response, the Nights new album, Lansing’s new baby and Tristan’s baby….Holy Hell we’re in for a wild ride!!


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