Sunday, March 6, 2016

High ~ LP Lovell

I’m Blake McQueen, daughter of Miles McQueen: businessman, politician, all around upstanding member of the community. 

I’m told that name means something, but well, I’ve pretty much doused it in petrol, set it on fire, and taken a shit on it for good measure. I like to think of myself as a walking middle finger. 

My name is now synonymous with booze, parties, sex, and drugs. I have to read the newspaper in the morning just to see where I was, possibly who I fucked, and judge my state of inebriation based on how much tit or minge is splashed across page five. 

Judge me all you like, love me, hate me. I don’t give a fuck. 

Life’s a party and you should never stop dancing. 

But even the sweetest of highs has it’s low. There is only so high you can go before you fall, and fall I did, right into the arms of the only man that could possibly stop me from crashing and burning. I’ve always been untouchable. I’ve never cared enough to be touchable. Until now. 

Love is the most destructive drug of all.

So I kept going back and forth on my rating. Was it a 4.5 star or a 5 star? Well it’s been a couple days since I read it and I’m still thinking about it. It still hits me in the feels, still causes me to pause and think, and still makes me emotional. Definitely 5 stars!

Addiction is something fierce. Even when you don’t think you’re addicted, it can sneak up on you and weeks later you realize you need it as opposed to only wanting it. This can be with drugs, alcohol or love. Love of your parents, siblings, friends or lovers. That support, that affection is huge. When losing any of those, it can be debilitating. Losing all of them can just break you. And that’s when you turn to a vice to forget. Or to give a big middle finger to those who don’t care.

LP did an amazing job with Blake’s character. She was fierce, crazy, uninhibited and gorgeous….But she had a problem. Her drug and alcohol use started as fun, but quickly morphed into something else. Beneath the façade, there was a hurt girl that was screaming for love and Rhett was just to man to give it to her.

Rhett, Rhett, Rhett. Take one addiction for the other. This hot, sexy, alpha man, who isn’t a saint by any means, makes Blake feel like she means something. That, to someone like Blake, could mean everything. Yet, when left with the toughest decision of his life, makes a choice that neither may be able to live with.

This story touched something deep. Probably because it hit a little close to home and definitely because LP wrote it so well, but Blake and Rhett’s story really got to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but as I dove in, I couldn’t put it down. I had to know if Blake was able to get past her loss and her addiction or if she would lose the one thing that actually made her happy. 

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