Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Love Tap ~ M.N. Forgy

All I ever wanted was to be a female fighter.
It was in my blood to smack people around.
Some girls wore pink dresses and makeup, I wore sneakers and bruises.
I was a loner, stuck to myself because I was different, until Camden Steel moved next door.
I punched him in the mouth, and he saw me through rose colored glasses from that day on.
I had everything I ever wanted.
The boy next door, inspiring career… until I didn’t.
He hates me. I deserve that.
They say you have to fight for what you want… What they don’t tell you… is it’ll cost you more than you're willing to give to reach the top.

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I love a good kickass heroine and Tate does not disappoint. I loved her tomboy-ish ways and her take no shit attitude. She’s hard as nails, but her one soft spot is Camden Steel.

I mean, with a name like Camden Steel, how can he not be hot!? He was a sexy fighter and totally head over heels in love with Tate. But she broke his heart and he hates her for it. Actually, they both harbor some pretty hostile feelings toward each other; Camden feels Tate ran away from him and Tate feels Camden is a total dick.

That being said, their chemistry is explosive. You can feel the tension as each of them train and watch each other. Their love is still there, no matter how much each of them denies it. I just loved their sexual tension and their rough sexual antics. Super Hot!

M.N. Forgy rocked this female fighter story. The characters had their own demons to overcome and trust issues they had to surpass. I loved their personalities and uniqueness. Their story was well written and I couldn’t put it down. 

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