Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kaden (Recherché series) ~ Brit Lauren

I’m selling your fantasy. Are you buying? 

My name is Kaden Ryan and I’m a male escort. I never intended to become an escort, but an opportunity fell into my lap and I took it. It was simple: get paid for sex, an orgasm, a night of pleasure. It's certainly an easy way to work my way through medical school. 
But not everyone's fantasy is as simple as an orgasm. Some women like the game, and one in particular wants to push me to places I never thought I would go, paid or otherwise. She's going to be the one to give me a real education.

Kaden Ryan is a sexy, smart and young male escort. This profession was supposed to pay his way through medical school and he actually completes his rounds at the hospital before his nightly activities. I liked that he stayed focused on his goal to become a doctor even though he was making good money as an escort.

His simple plan was to get paid good money, pay for school and have a few orgasms. Why not, right? Little did he know that he would learn a lot about women and dare I say, get a little attached? Not that he meant to, but one woman became more like his friend and another taught him how to be a complete alpha male. She taught him how to take what he wanted and she showed him how much that turns us ladies on.

While I enjoyed the story, the super hot sex scenes, I do have to say I was not expecting the ending. It completely threw me for a loop, but also made me really proud of Kaden. He took what he learned and used it to make him better. No matter how much it still stings, he used his experience to help him grow and he continued to pursue his dream to be a doctor. 

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